Quietly getting on

I’ve managed to crochet 6 rows of the baby blanket I’m doing at the mo. It’s for friends who are expecting their first baby in September. They know they are having a boy. I wanted to do something special for them as the wife’s mother died last December and I’m sure it’s something she would of done for them. I’ve not done traditional colours, I’ve gone a bit retro which I think looks fab! Light blue, olive green, navy and grey marl. I’m loving it. Kept it simple – granny stitch all the way in blocks of three row.

Sat here. It 9pm now and I need to repack the car ready for work as I had all the contents out on Friday. Also need to pack my bait box up. I want to be mindful of my food tomoz. I’d like to chose colourful foods, inviting foods.

Tomorrow night I shall be frequenting a local pub with the girls from small group as it’s the last one before summer holiday break up. So I doubt there will be bible study but lots of good conversation.

I’ve decided I’m joining slimming world on Tuesday night. It’s near my work so I can go there after I’ve finished. It’s all coming together.

The bariatric nurse didn’t get back on Friday. She’s probably on annual leave but hopefully I’ll hear from her soon.

Well away to car sorting, lunch making, clothes sorting and finally bed!


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