First day of holidays

I have to admit I was quite nervous of today as its the first day of the holidays and the children are still super tired and prone to falling out with other. From a self centred point of view I was concerned I might fall off the wagon food wise.

I am pleased to report I didn’t! Hoorah!!!

The best bit was taking the children to sign up for the summer read challenge and when walking back from the library to the car thinking I’m really hungry. Magic light bulb in my head – the green grocers is in the arcade. Brill. Grabbed some raspberries and nectarines. Even went to the bakery and got the children a gingerbread man each. Phew I managed it.

The funny thing is, when I was standing looking at the cakes and bakes I didn’t want any at all.

So proud of myself!

Heading to the seaside tomorrow. We are taking a picnic for lunch but for tea I’m going to have fish with all batter removed and mushy peas. You know even if I have a few of the children’s chips I’ll still be fine with that.

Loving this clean eating, backed up by my new attitude to food. A big heart felt thanks to my psychotherapist and dietician. Theirs and my hard work is paying off.

Sometimes you need to stand in the rain and work through your issues, waiting for the sun to shine again. Believe me when I say, it does and it will shine again. Remember how perfect you are, remember how loved you and remember no judgement but proud positive thinking and recognition.

Ps: I’ve not binged or thought of binge eating since Tuesday sign up to slimming world


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