Fish and chips challenge

We had a friends and family day out at the beach today. The children got on brilliantly and so did all the adults. It was quite bracing at time, but so good to be out in the fresh air.

Lunch was covered made a tuna salad, some crustless quiche. Fruit and a slimming world hifi bar. Chocolate orange- my favourite. All washed down by plenty of fresh coffee and low calorie squash.

We didn’t go in the sea- it was too chillu, being a beach on the north west of the UK. The children enjoyed coastal paths, climbing of rocks and also a fantastic play park they had there.

My husband and I had already decided we’d be traditionally British and have fish and chips. I’d decided on fish out of batter and mushy peas! Also decided it was fine to have chips as long as it was controlled. So I had a quarter of a portion of chips. They were beautiful. Only 3.5 syns! Of course I wanted more but I kept thinking of the scales. Only 9 more meals choices to weigh in?


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