Less junk in my head

I’m writing this sitting appreciating what it is like to have less junk in my head. Less thoughts of shame, less thoughts of turmoil over what food I’ll eat and how that will make me feel. Less thoughts over what other people think. Less thoughts over how people react to me – a large gal.

I have no doubt that my Christian faith aided by psychotherapy has made a remarkable difference to me. God is faithful, a stronger deliverer and a rock in which I take comfort.

I’m a nurse, a physical health nurse and for many many years I had no understanding of mental health struggles. Within the last year as strange as it may seem, I’ve come to appreciate that every single one of us has mental health. We have good physical health days and bad physical health and that is true for our mental health too. Binge eating disorder is related to mental health. Overcoming binge eating as I’m doing, I can honestly say I feel my mental health becoming stronger and stronger, giving me the ability to cope better.

I’m so proud of myself, since I’ve started slimming world, I have not binged! That’s the longest I’ve gone for ages. Smiling from ear to ear here!

Only 5 meals to weigh in on Tuesday night. Totally loving the clean living, not sure if I’ve lost any weight but I just feel better, cleaner and healthier in my approach to food and my relationship I have with it.


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