First slimming world weigh in

It was one of those moments where  I’m feeling terrified, trembling at the edge of life. My first slimming world weigh in …….

Why terrified??!!! I’d had an awesome week. 100% all the way, including fish and chips!

I know there are many decisions surrounding food and drink through out the week but the thing I found most useful was considering it as 21 meal decisions. That’s all.

So here I am 6 1/2lbs lighter. Now 22st 7 1/2lb. Cor I felt sick with joy.

I met some super people tonight, really supportive. Helpful, kind and compassionate. One thing struck me though, fellow slimming world buddies talking about naughty foods and having naughty moments. I’ve come through the other side of this and I don’t see any foods as naughty. I see them as increased risk foods. Foods which need careful consideration.

When I was doing the psychotherapy and dietician work, we worked hard on removing the idea of good and bad food. I’m not reverting to the ideology. It’s not a positive place to be.

so roll on next week. Taking the 2nd week challenge.


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