We are away visiting family, having a great time. It helps that my Mum is also on slimming world which has been a great encouragement. It’s funny it used to be a competition between my Mum and I with healthy eating then I’d rebell and eat cr*p but I’d end up suffering. So silly.

I went over my syn allowance on Friday evening following a long but comical drive. Twiche I opened the flask of coffee and it spilt over my knee looking like I’d had an accident if you know what I mean???!!!! Children constantly asking ‘are we there yet’? Wrong turns, roads closed. Such fun! So we got to a service station I just had to have a salmon sandwich with a pack of crisps. Okay I blew my syns but I don’t often use them all anyway.

I made a huge mistake this morning…… I weighed myself! I came up as 22st 11 1/2 which is 4lb heavier than at weigh in. I asked my mum how accurate they were. Very, she replied. I don’t believe it. I have only blown my syns on Friday. So I need to step back and realise that’s it’s ok. I do so get that!!?….


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