Weighing in at a different location

Tomorrow I will weigh in at a different group. It’s week 2 weigh in. I’m super nervous, not because I have over used my syns or made risky food/drink choices. It’s because I wonder how the scales at this different venue (I’m on holiday) will fare!

Ive text my super supportive slimming world consultant. She encouraged me that all the scales in my normal weigh in area with calibrated regularly. She just encouraged me that if I can say hand on heart that I’ve given this my best shot and I’ve tried. This week I only went over my syn allowance on Friday but then tonight well I calculated this amount in a week, I’ve actually not gone over and I’ve actually got 40 syns left.

So I think I need not to be neurotic but accepting that yes these scales may weigh heavier. However I know I’ve nailed this week again. Hoorah!


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