Let’s get outside

Going outside can do wonders for your well being. Lying here outside on the grass in my Mum’s back garden. Listening to my children and their cousins playing. Its warm but not close with a breeze in the air. Bliss.

Its so important to take stock, to review how we are doing, to appreciate that we are all truly loved by Christ the King, the creator of this awesome world.

I no longer feel shame or guilt surrounding my food intake or my appearance. Yes I’m morbidly obese in the eyes of health professionals but I’m truly and wonderfully made.

So you may ask if I’m truly and wonderfully made (which we all are), why am I on this weight loss journey alternatively as a happier healthier me! Its because I understand the effects of carrying too much weight. I will be lighter, I am more at peace with me, I am happier already. Just the weight loss then?!


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