Regulation, regulation, regulation.

This is going to be my new mantra: Regulation, regulation, regulation!

I failed this today. I binged. For the first time in 3 weeks. Probably my longest time! So no shame here, however I want to learn from this experience.

The background: busy day, hadn’t planned my food intake. We arrived home from a brilliant trip to my Aunt’s. We had been taken out deep in to the countryside in her partners world war 2 jeep! What an experience. We stopped and had an ice team. I had a twister for only 4 syns. We arrived back at my parents home and I was hanging. So hungry. I could feel this was a risk moment. Made myself a mug shot and had a fat free yogurt.

This is where my evening meal stopped. So alarm bells should of rung at this but no I carried on bathing the children and getting them to bed. After they’d been in bed, I just couldn’t stop thinking about the chocolate which was in my Mum’s fridge. Ate it (28 syns gone in 5 minutes). A pack of crisps (4.5 syns). A small pack of biscuits (5 syns). In short when I’ve tottered up my syns today, it’s come to 43.5. Woo a huge amount.

Thus wasn’t like my binges of old. No emotional binge eating, just eating excessively due to lack of regulation and displaying no moderation! All the things that Dr Christopher Fairburn urges us with eating disorders to be mindful of.

I know today wasn’t great but it’s a learning experience. An experience which teaches me to be aware of future risky situations. This is partly as we are away. In my home environment I always have things to nibble in the fridge – crustless quiche, fruit/ veg, fish. Various bits.

This is where slimming world comes into its own. It tackles these psychological matters. It challenges how you could of avoided or controlled that situation.

Note to self, next time cut up and have the watermelon. Lol 😜


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