Frozen watermelon

So the past couple of days whilst we’ve been on holiday, I’ve fallen out of my syn allowance greatly. I needed a little accountability today so I text my slimming world consultant aka supportive non judgemental food/weight person. She was as ever super supportive and reminded me that the very fact I had recorded and counted the syns on my binge on Thursday was a huge step in my journey towards a happy healthier me. So taken that on board and feel weirdly proud.

Today I made progress too, our family went out for lunch and I had a salad. I asked for the dressing on the side. It may seem a very small step but it’s a step in the right direction.

Frozen watermelon ………… Why has no one told or shared with me before that it’s amazingly lovely. Our family loves watermelon, as I’ve blogged before I can eat half a small one in one sitting. But I was reading a slimming world booklet I’d picked up about the summer and it was a suggestion. My husband and I were watching a film and I got the ‘munchies’. Wanting to make a mindful food choice, I recalled I’d popped some watermelon in the freezer earlier. It was delicious and satisfying. Another proud moment where I know I made a good choice.

I’m by no meaning trying to or aiming to be smug! I’ve had a weight issue for 26 years now and I simply find it hard to process that I’m making wise, mindful and considered decisions surrounding food. It’s like my chains have fallen off.


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