Staying the same

Today I had my weigh in at my slimming world group. I’d also had a recent birthday, BBQ celebrations, and eating out in uncontrolled environments. To say I was nervous was a huge understatement. So I remained at 22st 3lb but I was pleased with this.

Tomorrow is a brand new day with brand new food decisions. Only 21 meal decisions till the next weigh in.

On Sunday at church I was listening to a pastor speaking on temptation. What is your temptation which trips you up? Which makes you racked with guilt that it’s occurred.

For me it’s food. My relationship with food. I’m getting there with a healthier balanced view and relationship. I thank God, I’m on the road to full healing. On the road to realising I’m not controlled by food, yet I control it.

I binged today. I’d not had enough to say and as I’ve said before I really need ‘regulation, regulation, regulation’ is a mighty game changed.

Id like to get a stone off by next week. That’s 3lb. It will be tough but I think I can do it.                     Here goes ………..


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