Staying strong under pressure

It was my first day back at work today following our recent family holiday. It went fairly well, only 5 hours so I was done after 13:00. Only issue was the car was done too. Done in! It wouldn’t start or turn over. To add to complications my hubby was 17 miles away. It was also lunchtime and I’d planned to eat when I got home.

So we’ve got a broken car and a blood sugar low binge eater. Not a great combination! In fact a terrible combination. The only good thing was no where near a shop.

Car got sorted. I drove it the 17 miles home. I’m seriously proud of myself I could of quite easily caved but no I had free and super free food when I got home. The family and I then had a super lazy afternoon, whilst they watched a movie I had a hot bath. Such a treat when it’s cold and wet outside.

For tea with tried the chicken sash curry from slimming world at Iceland which I served with rice. No extra veg today as had lots of super free foods throughout the day. The chicken saag curry was delicious. I will definitely have one of those again!

So I’m pleased, happy and proud to report that I managed to stay strong under pressure. Months and weeks ago I would of binged, partly due to the pressure/stress and partly due to the irregulation of food! It’s amazing what a changed mindset can achieve.



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