Hang on there girl

Today I’m not quite sure why but I’m feeling a bit low, a bit frightened I may binge.

Yesterday was so busy my feet didn’t touch the floor. BBQ went well. Only syns I had were from some olives and a small portion of chocolate cake approx 10 syns.

I am nervous for the weigh in on Tuesday. Silly really. I know I’ve counted syns and stick to plan. It will be an evening weigh in this week as I’m working so morning option not available.

I got out and did some gardening this morning. Nice to be outside. Nice to feel the tiredness due to physical work.

But I still feel sad and a bit low. I don’t want to binge. It won’t make anything better. It won’t improve myself. I need to remind myself and appreciate how well I’ve done, how much I’m loved and how much I love myself. I’m okay. I’m a nice person. Sometimes I struggle with past judgements as I mentioned yesterday.

I think it’s time for a hot bath and long soak. This least I’ll avoid a binge that way and hopefully it will pass……….

That was about 3pm. My urge to binge did pass and I didn’t binge at all. Thank you God. I even feel brighter in myself now. I find with binge urges I just need to wait for it to pass, or distraction helps too.

I’m still trying to figure out how to crochet these little yellow t-shirts for the tour of Britain bunting. I’ve tried a granny square concept today. Still trying and testing.


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