Morning world!

I think this is one of my most favourite times of the day. Lying in bed, listening to everyone in the house sleeping soundly and considering my day ahead.

Today I want to try and be 100% with my food control. The last two days have been carnage where food control is concerned. Is this because I didn’t stay to slimming world group for image therapy? Maybe but then maybe not. Is it just me not being as focused?

However I have an issue when I feel the pressure of having to be a certain weight or having to be eating certain foods. That’s why I love slimming world. You are able to eat anything in moderation. Game on. This is great news for all followers of SW isn’t it?! But we still need to demonstrate self control lads and lasses. For some that might be staying away from some food. For others that might be having the measured amount of food and then putting it in the bin. If you’re like me in those situations I need to then put washing up liquid on it as my self control of some groups of food is poor.

Today is a brand new day though. The children and I are heading out to meet a friend and her children at a local huge outdoor playarea. It’s the kind of place you can actually lose children for a while as there’s lots of twists, turns and hidy holes. Right so food wise packing up lunch for us. Coffee and no sugar juice to drink. Snacks got some flat peaches and obviously (if you’ve read my blog before) watermelon.

In the afternoon I’d like to pop in to a friend who’s dear Granny is in hospital at present. And the possibly head to another pals house however I’m aware I have the ability to get overwhelmed so I may come home for a quiet afty. We’ll see.

Roll on the day and great food/drink choices.


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