The mist is clearing

I knew it would but it’s so hard when you’re living those moments of binging or the desire to binge. The heavy blanket of mist is clearing. My mind is becoming clearer. Truth be known I’m not entirely sure of the rationale of my binge. I wonder if it was lack of routine as today, back to work and no binging or desire to binge. Mind completely full of needs of others and work tasks to get through.

Its weigh in night tomorrow and I am preparing myself for a gain. I don’t see that as a failure merely a result of the binging, lack of planning and lack of regulation. I’ve done a good plan for the next few days. I will need to give some time for the rest of the week on Wednesday.

I’m starting to study again commencing next week. Within my job you commit to life long learning and sometimes it hardly seems I’ve had a break. I’m starting a Masters degree which should take me 2 1/2 years to complete part time. I’m really pleased today as I arranged with my employer a work pattern change which enables me to have a day which I can commit to studying at home. This is a huge weight off my shoulders as it seemed for a while I wouldn’t get it!

Binge eating for me now is not generally fuelled by emotion or stress. Sure it can be but as I’ve mentioned before it’s generally to do with regulation. So it’s ear pricked up to listen out for risk zones and eyes peeled to watch for moments of unregulated eating.

What are your danger/ risk zones for binge eating if you struggle?


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