5th weigh in and attitudes

Wow I was little shocked this week. I lost a pound making my total loss in 5 weeks 13lb.

I was shocked as I’d really struggled with binging last week. This heavy mist seemed to cloud my judgement. I felt enveloped but hoorah it passed.

When I got weighed the helper said to me “well done, another pound off”. “Wow” said I, “that’s a shock, as I struggled with binging this week.” She replied “well you best be good this week or it will catch up with you.”

So I was a bit peeved about that remark. It firstly shows the lack of insight in to binge eating. Like I have a choice, sometime the urge grabs you from behind and pulls you into the depths of secret binge eating or emotional binging. I wanted to scream at her “I don’t have to be good, I just need a binge free week!”

Well you’d best be good! Like I was a naughty child, wilfully going against rules and regulations. Slimming world holds no food as barred. It’s that informed choice as I’ve blogged about before. The other thing is it’s all about the risk. Is it worth taking the risk to have a small amount of a particular food one might struggle with or is it better to avoid it until you’re in a stronger frame of mind?!

So I think what I’m taking from this situation is many people no nothing, completely nothing about binge eating. And secondly words are powerful so watch how and what you say. It’s advice worth adhering too. I certainly do not want to upset others with my attitudes and words towards them.

Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching???!!!!


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