A break

The family and I have just returned from a lovely weekend break in a friends static caravan. We were only 15 miles from home but it was a super little time away.

Children finding new places to play, walks in the quiet countryside, a visit to an optical illusions display and eating food in the great outdoors.

I didn’t always pay much attention to eating with slimming world in mind however all the food I took was low syns or free food. The scales will tell tomorrow. I made a discovery all the family like the crustless quiche I make with gammon. It’s a fab lunch alternative to sandwiches. You can put anything in you fancy or that you have in your fridge. I make mine with two tubs of cottage cheese (always the cheese and chive) and 6-8 eggs then I put in vegi’s and meat or fish. Put in cake liners in cake tins then bake in oven at 180c for 40 mins. Last one I added Moroccan spices. Mmhh.

Whats your favourite slimming world lunch recipe?


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