Does size matter???

Today I attended my weigh in with slimming world. I maintained which I was happy with as had an unpredictable week food wise. I was silly afterwards, days of denial built up and before I know it, I’ve grazed and binged all day. I must admit I’m nervous as I’ve got loads of risk foods in my cupboards.

I’d had this plan. Order food online, and binge. But cyber binge – I was planning on when the food arrived to send the risk food back. This backfired as I was out when the food arrived and although I’d asked my husband to send risk food back. He didn’t. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t because he didn’t want too, he got distracted and forgot. Note to self: cyber binging will ultimately lead to actual binging!

Anyway question: does size matter? These past two weeks gone my normal slimming world consultant has been on her jollies. The replacement/ covering slimming world consultants have been lovely and both of them were a UK size 16-18. It was refreshing having some bigger lead the class.

It got me thinking am I size-ist? I think we all probably judge others subconsciously about their appearance. I know I do, which saddens me but reveals an honesty in my personality.  I don’t do it consciously but subconsciously I’m thinking: what are they wearing, please don’t let me be as big as that, gosh isn’t he thin, wow look at that hair!

I would love to say I don’t but I do. These are fleeting thoughts with me and not ones I think about people I know. These are thoughts of the people I pass in the street or see on the train.

But it doesn’t  matter what size you are. What matters is the individual! The person, valuing the person as a whole. That means warts and all sometimes. Jesus calls us to love our neighbours as ourselves. I need to choose to do that everyday of every week or every year.

There’s a challenge!



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