Masters degree, raised game and binging

About 2 weeks ago I started a MSc alongside my regular job and family life. It’s a huge commitment and a huge amount of work.

Last week I had my first gain of 2lbs. I was amazed it wasn’t more. Since starting this MSc I’ve binged on sweet foods mostly with some regularity which I feel bad about. I don’t want to binge. I don’t want street levels to raise and my consumption of food increase.

I feel like I’ve lost my mojo a little bit! I want to get off this binging merry go round.

I’m planning having today free from study. I want to sort out my fridge and cupboards  I want to batch cook foods for next week.

I’m sick of binging! I need the boost of losing weight to get me back on track however I need the focus and determination. But it’s seems to of run off.



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