Come on! BMI under 50!!

Wow, I’m so pleased. Lost 3lb at Slimming World weigh on last night. Not overly sure how that happened. But hoorah BMI now 49.8. It’s inching away from 50.

Its days like this that I say, I can do this without the surgery. I can do this without drastic reduction of my stomach, food intake.

I’m impatient and of course I want weight loss now! But I have to remember baby steps will reach the goal. I don’t want to run away with myself.

This is boost I needed after 3 weeks of staying the same or gaining. Happy lady.

Isn’t odd how I sometimes find myself sitting and thinking about binging, enjoying the fuzzy feeling I momentarily connect with gorging on ‘high risk’ foods. I sometimes tell myself to snap out of it but often I indulge in that feeling. Wish I didn’t. Wish it would pass. I am who I am. I’m me. I’m happy, I’m okay, I’m loved 😉


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