Going sugar free day 1

A couple of colleagues of mine have been chatting recently about going sugar free, processed food free and low carbs. So after reading around, buying the blood sugar book and procrastinating I’ve finally managed to achieve my first day yesterday.

I have read that it reduces binges which would be awesome. Although I’ve not binged for a while, poor eating habits have crept in the back door and been making themselves incredibly comfort and habitual in some circumstances. So I’m kicking this habits. Embracing more colourful veg in my life and journeying forward.

I think the reason I’m awake now: 04:45 is im hungry. My body is adjusting to no sugar and reduced calorie intake. I’m quite hungry but determined to make it through to morning.

Im following “the blood sugar diet0. I’ve got the recent book and I’m loving the plans bit at the back. It’s prescriptive. Just what a girl like me needs. Although I’m not keen on eggs which is used a lot for breakfast,  I’m quite happy to try other things in it. It’s really odd, it encourages you to have full fat natural versions of food. For a person like me who’s been trying to lose weight for 26 years now, losing that “you must have fat free, sugar free (but replaced with sweetners) is super hard.

I’ll miss sugar free drinks esp Coke Zero. I’ll miss crisps. I’ll miss sweets and chocolate. ……. But!!!! I’m looking forward to feeling cleaner in my eating. There will be days where is harder than others but I have to stick with it. See it through and embrace it.





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