Sugar free thankful progress

So I was super on track for 48 hours then I had a birthday party and a works do just making it incredibly challenging. Then went on to work – 10 hours days, which I’d not planned for my evening meal so ‘what a surprise’ NOT! I binged.

So I have decided to be striving for sugar free, carb free and processed sugar free where I can. The blood sugar diet sets out for the person to have 800 calories a day which for me personally is far to low and I recognised quickly that I would binge.

What I love about this season of change is the recognition and protective change I now have for binges. Honestly before I’d had the psychotherapy around this I was ill equipped to deal with the elephant in the room. Binge eating has been harmful to me and taken over areas of my life which I regrettably did not resist it doing so.

But now …… I am empowered, I am aware and heightened senses.

I will still binge I acknowledge that but doesn’t everyone? Over eat excessively. Have a packet of biscuits on a night because you’re bored and haven’t noticed the hand to mouth, chew and swallow action that’s going on.

I am much happier, have much more peace in my life, have recognition of patterns and consequences. I am still morbidly obese in medical terms but I don’t know what I weigh. I think 23 stone. I’ll check let you know.

How refreshing! A couple of years ago, I’d of weighed myself every day, plotted it on a graph, tried to avoid binges however I would of starved myself to the point it would result in a huge binge. I was doing mindless binges where as now 90% of the time I’m mindfully eating.

I am remarkably proud of the progress I’ve made. I’m so grateful to fantastic friends and family who have journeyed with me and continue to do so. I’m thankful to God, whom I feel unconditional love and acceptance from.

Thats me today – thankful


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